to be quite a prominent person! companionable we are. We think the same about everything--

in the least. But anyway, it won't do the slightest good for you

Everybody is joyous and carefree, for vacation's coming, and with for me towards educating some other little girl from the John Grier Home.

a house that was built for four hundred, they do rattle around a bit. He was waving his arm towards an automobile waiting in the curved drive.

We are getting the most dreadful lessons in philosophy--all of Field Day last Saturday. It was a very spectacular occasion. me not there.

you throw my letters into the waste-basket without reading them.

17th May

Where do you think I got it?

the McBrides' camp. Of course I know that you're my guardian,

only three dances with me. He said he was bashful about dancing

Behold me--a Sophomore! I came up last Friday, sorry to leave

all those horrid Trustees, and the reason you are educating me is,

It's just a private pet name we won't tell Mrs. Lippett.

A very beautiful lady in a very beautiful velvet dress got